Bob Ainsbury

My Likes

Authenticity, simplicity, and this cool place.

My Formula

I don’t have one. Technology leadership is like jazz – you must know all the fundamentals and then you ignore them knowingly.

My Strength

Molding organizations that consistently make ideas profitable.

My Career

All things high tech with roots in software development – more on LinkedIn

My Goal

Continous Learning

My Dislikes

Arrogance, laziness and fish.


A technologist that gets what it takes to go from an idea to a scalable business, and how to accelerate growth in mature organizations. Truth be told, I like engineery things the most.

Business and technology perspectives have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, on CBS Radio and on National Public Radio.

Recently honored as 2016 Titan of Technology by Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. Woot.

People and things that interest me ...

Where I Work

I am currently the COO at GovDelivery, and I am having a blast. Our technology empowers government to create better lives for more people. It is my favorite job in 15 years - a great team, doing really impactful and important work.

Tech @ Work

A massively scalable communications platform. Multi-tenant. 100% cloud first. Ruby, Java, Javascript. Jenkins. Pager Duty. AWS. Puppet. Jira. GIT. Two data centers. Billions of messages a month. 120 million users. 40,000 admins. Agile shop.