Bob Ainsbury

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Nothing to see here!

I am not really sure what you were expecting, so I will just tell you a little about my professional self. Truth be told, I like engineery things the most. I lead the product team for a PE-backed tech company. Below you will get a sense of what makes me tick.

On the show off front: my business and technology perspectives have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, on CBS Radio and on National Public Radio. I have had 3 tech books published. In 2016 I was, for reasons that escape me, honored to be a "Titan of Technology." I am now vying to be a winner in the 2020 "Harvard's 70 under 70" list.

My Likes

Authenticity, simplicity, and this cool place.

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My Specialty

Molding organizations that consistently make ideas profitable.

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My Career

All things high tech with roots in software development – more on LinkedIn

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My Disikes

Arrogance, laziness and fish.

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My Passion


My Formula

I don’t have one. Technology leadership is like jazz – you must know all the fundamentals and then you ignore them knowingly.


Be Charitable

While I have got your attention .... stop whatever you are doing. Instead, go and give $20 (or $20k) to one of these very laudable causes:

Provides birthday gift bags to economically-challenged parents so that they can give their child a birthday gift.


Yellow Ribbon Fund was established in February 2005 to serve our injured service members as they returned home from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan.


If these charities don't float your boat, find one that does. Use this organization and be confident they are well run and impactful.

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